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Online Yoga

...From your living room, garden, the beach or balcony...

This slow flow class will gently cultivate awareness using your

breath, asanas & meditation.

*A lovely way to connect to our community without leaving your house*

This class is always pay what you can.

Suggested £7 - £10

Monzo me: 04-00-04 * 95206240

Community Class

Monday 10:30 - 11:30am

in studio

This Kula Class is an offering to all levels. It is an excellent entry to yoga if new ​to the practice. It is equally important to those with a more established practice. ​We will always spend time together grounding and tuning in to our inner self. ​Breath work then leads us into gentle postures exploring their physical and ​philosophical identities. A great way to ease into your week. This class is always a ​pay what you can vibe to honour my commitment to make yoga as accessible as ​we can :)

Vinyasa Flow

Friday 16:30 - 17:30

in studio

This Vinyasa style class offers dynamic sequences involving Sun Salutations ​and more challenging physical asanas. Always using our breathe to guide us. ​We will have fun and embrace a playful attitude. We will always close with ​relaxation and time to bathe in our efforts. Previous yoga experience is ​beneficial but not essential. A positive way to sign off the week and enter the ​weekend on a high!

These classes are at the All About Yoga studio.

St Peters Port. Guernsey.

Book here:

Tuesday 16th July *6 - 7am*

Zoom link

Tuesday 27th August 7 - 8am

Zoom link

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HI! I’m Scarlett.

I am forever grateful to this beautiful earth and all that she has given me.

I have been privileged to journey to some of the worlds most beautiful & challenging countries, danced with friends, learnt, listened & felt the experiences of those who have shared their lives with me.

I love to surf & swim in the ocean, climb mountains & walk the paths of life.


As a yoga teacher I hope to bring a sense of wellbeing to a vast array of people through movement, meditation and yoga. I have been practising yoga for over a decade and truly believe in its power to meet our physical, mental and spiritual needs in the twenty-first century.

My classes aim to be playful and accessible to all. I am inspired by music and the influence this can bring to our mood and movement. I love getting lost in yoga mythology as much as researching neuroimaging which has shown regular practice can regulate one's nervous system, thus helping to keep us calm and be less anxious! Cool ey!

I’ve curated the Kula Class as an offering to open up the magic of yoga to those who are curious, as beginners or those who want a deeper connection, a space for grounding and connecting in this busy world.

I hope to open up and share yoga in a community driven space which encompasses health, wellbeing and a sense of togetherness.

Join me on the mat and find your flow 😊

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“Your yoga class was magic yesterday, so enjoyed it! You bring such a warm, loving and playful touch to your class, in the way you teach and your personal gifts.

You hold space for every individual to meet where they are at, and also facilitate the challenge to go beyond comfort zones.


I look forward to do more yoga with you. Charlotte.

Scarlett is welcoming and knowledgeable, bringing a lovely natural energy and flow to the practice.

I especially like how she conducts savasana at the end of the class.

I try to make it to her classes when I can as I like her teaching style and class structure.


Scarlett was welcoming and supportive. I loved the pace of the class and the extra challenges.

I loved trying new poses and pushing myself to the next stage of my yoga journey.

I will be attending more of Scarlett’s classes in the future.


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I love to create opportunites to connect, create and learn.

Watch this space for upcoming workshops & events.

- Private online, in-studio & home practice available -

- Events & Celebrations -

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You are most welcome to contact me for all enquiries, co-creating opportunities & curiosities!

Let’s work together for a healthier & happier life.

Regular class updates are available on my socials:

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Assists and Adjusts with Elodie Frati

Febuary 2024

at All About Yoga - Guernsey

Assisting and adjusting is an art in itself, which definitely benefits from being learnt rather than improvised. This course provided yoga teachers 20hr TT over a two day course.

Thank you Elodie for visiting us in Guernsey & teaching here

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Find Elodie here: